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In Memoriam

Since the Class of 1962 entered Lee High School as freshmen, twelve classmates have passed away. To “honor and remember” our friends, Alba (Navin) Burns composed a listing of all deceased classmates to serve as the centerpiece for an “In Memoriam” display at the Saturday dinner. Included in the display were photos, documents, artifacts, and other mementos provided by family members.

The Reunion Committee chose not to single out any of our deceased classmates for special recognition. All of them left behind family and friends who miss them dearly. It is noteworthy that the family members whom we contacted were pleased to learn of our plans to honor their loved ones at our 50th Year Reunion. Included below is one daughter’s expression of appreciation.

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** In Memoriam Update **
Dolores (Navin) Eckert, who attended the 50th Year Reunion with her husband, Mal, passed away on February 24, 2003 from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).
HERE is a recent issue of a newsletter published by the IPF Support Group of the Berkshires which contains a tribute to Dolores as well as "Dolores' Story" of her 12-year battle with IPF.