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Site of the Golf Outing
L to R: Jim Kalloch, Alba (Navin) Burns,
Susan (Airoldi) Kalloch, Tina Kelly, Bill Kelly,
John Costello, Dick Burns, Pete Hill
Site of the Historic Lee Walkabout
Site of the Hayride
L to R: Debbie (Sparks) Holmes, Tom Morawiec,
Donna Morawiec, Linda Croze, Bob Croze

L to R: Mary (Bartini) Seward, Steve Seward,
Barbara (Scarafoni) Puleri,
Stella (Hemphill) Marchand, Douglas Lawrence,
Gloria (Jones) Lawrence

L to R: Ray Morehouse, Judy (Drake) Morehouse, John Costello,
Sandy Costello, Punky Carey, Carol (Burnham) Carey

L to R: Debbie (Sparks) Holmes, Alba (Navin) Burns