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Banner displayed at all Reunion event sites
Site of the Picnic/Auction
Auctioneer Extraordinaire, David Carrington, and his Lovely Assistant, Teresa (Lawrence) Bragdon
Co-host Henning Carlson (along with Joyce)
a closer look at Sue (Loughlin) Hoffman
Alba (Navin) Burns & Tina Kelly
Bill Kelly & Debbie (Sparks) Holmes
Andrea (Cardegno) Nolan
Mabel (Heath) Sheridan & Diana (Brown) Morton
Bruce Merwin & Judy (Drake) Morehouse
Assorted Classmates & Guests
Front Row / L to R: John Costello, Sandy Costello,
Debbie (Sparks) Holmes
Back Row: Wilbur & Sue (Wells) Hunt

Foreground: Lauren Zatorski & Tom Boyne
Back Row / L to R: Sue (Loughlin) Hoffman,
Andrea (Cardegno) Nolan, Mary (Bartini) Seward, Bruce Merwin,
Linda Croze

Judy (Drake) & Ray Morehouse

Various and Sundry Classmates & Guests
L to R: Debbie (Sparks)Holmes, Renee (Burrows) Long, Ralph Fucito
Tom Boyne & "Friend"
Bert Liebmann, Diane (Valenti) Liebmann, Bill Kelly
Richard O'Brien, Gloria (Pease) O'Brien, Alba (Navin) Burns
Ray Morehouse & David Carrington
Seated L to R: Mabel (Heath) Sheridan,
Hiding: Gloria (Jones) Lawrence,
Peeking: Richard O'Brien, Gloria (Pease) O'Brien,
Alba (Navin) Burns, Bill Roosa, Barbara (Scarafoni) Puleri,
Standing: Douglas Lawrence
The "last stand"
(or "last sit" as the case may be) of the LHS Class of 1962!